Members of Gorvernance Design Laboratory, Inc.

Naoki Ishibashi

Naoki Ishibashi received Master of Media and Governance at Graduate School of Media and Governance in 1998, and completed Ph.D in Media and Governance in 2004 at Keio University. In 2005, he started Governance Design Laboratory, Inc., where he has launched and managed projects to promote renewable energy in Japan such as Project or mamenergy project. In 2006, he became a lecturer at Faculty of Global Media Studies, Komazawa University, and taught entrepreneurship in the global digital network. In 2010, he became a director of Ishibashi Foundation, which operates current Artizon Museum. Since then, he has planned the information technology strategy for the museum of art, and designed its core system. In 2020, he became a professor at Faculty of Data Science, Musashino University. He is also a member of IEEE, ACM, Information Processing Society of Japan, and Database Society of Japan.

Links: Research Gate / Research Map(in JP.) / GDL in Musashino Univ.(in JP.) / GDL in Komazawa Univ.(in JP.) / LinkedIn

Kae Takase

Kae Takase started Governance Design Laboratory, Inc. as a vice president in 2005. Previously she was Associate Director of CDP Worldwide-Japan, leading corporates & investors engagement to set science-based targets (SBT), procure renewable electricity (RE100), disclose TCFD-aligned sustainability information. She has worked as modelling analysits in the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan, Resarch Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth, and Center for Low Carbon Society Strategy under Japan Science and Technology Agency, built and run Integrated Assessment Model for Climate Change, Computable General Equibrilium Model, Econometric Model, Energy System Model, bottom-up model for energy system. She also initiated and conducted pilot projects for 'Pay as You Save' scheme for solar power and other energy efficiency improvement measures in several municipalities. She graduated from Keio University (B.A., M.A.) and the University of Tokyo (Ph.D). She also spent a year in Yongin University in Korea for her parallel taekwondo carrier.

Links: Research Gate / Japan Society of Energy and Resources / LinkedIn